Is Your Marketing Message Costing You Money?

Well, duh, if you spend money on marketing collateral it is going to cost you - but if you aren't using the right words and phrases to compel your customers to make a buying decision, then your marketing is costing you more than you think.

The StoryBrand framework has helped thousands of companies clarify their message to connect with customers, revolutionize their marketing, and grow their business.

In this video, we discuss the realities of how your customer's brain works and how clarifying your message will:

  • Increase engagement in your cause
  • Save you money on marketing
  • Drive sales
  • Keep customers coming back

Good design is good, but not good enough to make you money.

Your website, digital ad, or print materials may look crisp, clean, and professional, but unless you are using the words and phrases that make them want to make purchasing decisions, your customers will move on. 

People do not buy the best products and services...

...they buy the ones that are communicated the clearest. If your competition can clearly communicate how their inferior product will solve your customer's problem, they will beat you in the marketplace every time. 

Your customer is always asking, "what's in it for me?"

It doesn't matter how long you've been in business or what principles your grandfather used to found the company, if you aren't communicating how your product, service, or cause is directly tied to helping your customers survive and thrive, they aren't paying attention.

Don't put their brains on a treadmill. 

The human brain exists to help you survive and thrive in the most efficient way possible. The more thinking your customer is doing when they are on your website, the more calories they are burning and the quicker they want to get out of there. In The Art of Explanation, Lee LeFever talks about the "Curse of Knowledge." He explains that the more we know about something, the deeper we get into a subject, the more inaccurate our assumptions get about people who don’t understand. Your level of knowledge curses you and interferes with your ability to make accurate assumptions about your audience. Clarity is key.

If you would like help clarifying your messaging to get the extra degree you need to turn your marketing potential into action, set up a call today.