Are you thriving in life? 

Have you ever had that feeling of being stuck in your personal life or at work? You find yourself working with people who don't understand you, doing a job that doesn't fit, and answering to someone who focuses on what you aren't rather than what you are? No matter how many "team building" exercises you do or "self-help" books you read, you still find yourself frustrated and stressed. 

what if everything you needed to succeed was already inside of you? 

Using a Strengths-based approach backed by Gallup, we help bring out the best in people resulting in higher productivitylower turnover, and a better quality of life. We help people and organizations use what they do well to overcome their biggest problems.

Gallup’s research has also shown people who focus on their strengths turn their potential into action. People who know and use their CliftonStrengths are:

  • 6x as likely to be engaged at work
  • 7.8% more productive in their role
  • 3x as likely to have an excellent quality of life
  • 6x as likely to do what they do best every day

Do You Know what makes you stand out?

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Join the 17 million+ people who’ve embraced who they really are. Take the first step by finding out your Top 5 Strengths using the Gallup Strengths Finder assessment. Once completed, we’d love to work with you to help you turn your potential into action.


Focus on what's strong, not what's wrong.

There is no more effective way to EMPOWER people than to see EACH PERSON in terms of his or her STRENGTHS.
— DON CLIFTON Father of Strengths Psychology and Inventor of CliftonStrengths


The Gallup Strengths Finder assessment unlocks the unique talents you rely on to build relationships, think strategically, take action, and influence others to accomplish goals.

According to Gallup, people who know and understand their unique Strengths are more likely to:

  • be confident
  • feel happy and energetic
  • achieve goals
  • be treated with respect

Discover what makes you stand out and turn your potential into action.


Managers & TEAM LEaders

As a manager, you can boost individual and team performance when you use a Strengths-based approach to coach and develop their people.

According to Gallup, employees who receive Strengths-based development have:

  • 23% Higher employee engagement
  • 18% Increased performance
  • 73% Lower turnover

Discover how you can lead your team to greatness by using their Strengths.



When you get the best out of your people, you get the best out of your business. More than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies use CliftonStrengths.

According to Gallup, teams that receive Strengths-based training experience:

  • 29% Increased profit
  • 19% Increased sales
  • 7% Higher customer engagement

Discover how you can boost the performance of your organization by empowering managers to develop your people to succeed by doing what they do best every day.



how it works - 3 simple steps



We'll talk about your specific leadership development needs. We have packages for individuals, teams, and organizations
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Based on your needs, we will create a custom plan to help you win the day! From strategy to ongoing coaching, we will be with you every step of the way.


build your strengths

We work together to help you improve your performance.

It takes 212 degrees of heat to boil water. Water at 211 degrees is very hot, but it is not boiling. When water boils, the steam generated can produce electricity or power an engine that moves a train or a ship. The extra degree takes potential and turns it into action.
— Ray Edwards, Author, Speaker & Copywriter


As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and experienced communicator, I know how to develop and implement personnel development strategies that help you do what you do, better - whether it is an onsite workshop, a motivational keynote, or ongoing coaching - let our team help you get that extra degree you need to turn your potential into action.

To your success!

Eric Williams
212 Consulting


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